Welcome to our website. GO Church began as “Church in the Home” over a decade ago.

We believe that this Church format is the vehicle God will use to enable major Church growth and there will be no need for any new Church buildings.

HOW? The phrase we believe we heard God use was

A Church on every street corner”:    in other words meeting in Homes.



In the first few centuries when a Church grew too large to meet in one home, their reaction was not to look for a bigger facility to fit them all in

but to look for individuals of good character (Titus 1:7-9) who were willing and able to open their homes and take responsibility for leading a new Church in their home.

A Church is still a Church even if it meets in a home or a coffee shop or even a special building… 



Small is Beautiful when it comes to providing rich soil for the making of
disciples. Intimacy with God and one another is more easily achieved in smaller
group meetings particularly in the relaxed atmosphere of a home environment.

God has promised to be with His people no matter how small or big the group
that meets together.

Matt 18:20 For wherever two or three come together in honor of my name I am right there with them!



There need be no concern that there will be a drop in the quality of teaching.
In fact, in our experience, the greater freedom encourages discussion,
contribution, participation. There is a greater understanding of how we can apply God’s word.



In a relaxed Home Church situation, worship can be simple with no need for a
front-led worship group. It is the ideal environment for spontaneous
contributions in this safe and encouraging environment. There is also a vast
reservoir of streaming services now available so anyone can “lead” worship.



The intimate Home setting provides more opportunities for spontaneous prayer
and ministry. In a smaller group, there is more opportunity for anyone and everyone to exercise the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in this relaxed and free environment.

Whether you are part of this Home Church or not but feel you need God’s intervention in your life now, then we would be
delighted to talk and if appropriate pray with you.

Contact us be email or phone (see the contact details above) – let’s talk.


Is there room for a Church in your home?

Are you being called to lead a Church in the Home? You don’t need a formal qualification.

Is this something God has been stirring in your heart?

Just to be clear, it’s unlikely to come with a salary.

Do you have any questions?

Would you like to talk?

If you would then contact us

Either call Gary or Joyce Jenkins on 07973 118026 or text us on the same number or email on info@gochurch.org.uk

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